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The purpose of BrickRSS is to pool together a wide range of blog posts from all areas of the field. As the BrickRSS readership grows, there are potentially more readers who could be sent to your website as a result of being featured in my feed.

All external links on our website are "nofollow" links to comply with search engine requirements. This service is about getting you extra readers and not about link building.

I only publish your article title, a 255 character introductory snippet for your article and the publication date so visitors need to visit your website to read your full article.

How You Can Help

If your website is targeted towards adult fans of LEGO® then this is exactly what I am looking for. You really ought to add your site to BrickRSS right now!

Other ways you can help is to help boost awareness of BrickRSS. If you could link to my site in some way from your website and encourage your readers to subscribe then not only are you helping me but you are also helping your readers find relevant articles as well as helping boost the readership of other websites. In turn, when they promote BrickRSS they help to promote your readership as well as others.

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Please note the following before signing up:

  • Your website needs to relate to LEGO for consideration.
  • Offensive websites (or those that are not in keeping with the spirit of the LEGO community) will not be accepted.
  • All applications are assessed manually for suitability, which can take a few days.
  • Your site needs a valid RSS feed (or Atom feed) (most blogs and blogging software include this as standard) to be included. If it does not conform to applicable RSS standards I may not be able to include your website in BrickRSS.
  • I will only republish titles, a 255 character introductory paragraph for your posts and dates from your feed. I do not republish your content in full so readers will need to visit your site to read your full articles.
  • I log the amount of people who visit each blog post from BrickRSS and use this data to compile 'Top 10' style posts.
  • I aim to retrieve your RSS feed at least once per 24 hour period.
  • This is a free service (advertisement supported). I do not guarantee it's constant availability, it's accuracy or it's timeliness. I cannot guarantee additional readership for your website but that's what I aim to achieve!

If you are happy with the above, please fill in the form below for consideration:

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It may take a few days for us to get in touch with you. If you haven't heard from us in a couple of days please submit the form again. Spelling mistakes in the email address is the number one culprit. Your IP address will be logged with your request to help minimise the risk of spam.

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